Two42 takes place on Fridays 7:00pm - 9:00pm

What is Two42?

Two42 is Hope Corner's program for 12-16s.  On Friday evenings youth are able to take part in the DofE and Volunteering awards.  This allows them to get involved in new skills and activities, and become more involved in the Church.  


A time is spent discussing the Christian faith and the bible in the second part of the evening.  During this time different members of the church visit the froup each week to share their experiences of Christianity, and give the youth a chance to ask questions.

Monthly Socials

Once a month we have a special activity, like a games night, bowling or many other things.  This allows young people to just spend time together having fun.

What does Two42 mean?

Two42 comes from the book of Acts, chapter 2 verse 42:

               'They spent their time learning the apostles’

                teaching, sharing, breaking bread, and praying



This verse represents the core focus of what Two42 is all about, discipleship, sharing life together and supporting one another as young people.


Whether you are a Christian, or a young person who has questions about Christianity and what to spend time with other positive young people, Two42 is a great place to be.