I Love My Church

February 26, 2018

At Hope Corner church we have 6 key values we believe and promote as what we want to see happening in our church.  In TWO42 Youth during this series each week we are looking atone of these value and what the bible says about it.





Week 1 - You Can't Do Life Alone


The church should be a positive community centred around Jesus Christ.  We believe at Hope Corner our church community should be focused on Jesus and so want to love and care for each other.  


Key verse: Acts 2:42   

Key Actions: Write and think about the ways your church supports you and how you support others in the church.

Week 2 - Growing People Change


Our church believes that follows of Jesus should seek to become more like Him as they get to know Him more deeply.  In key events in Peter's journey as he follows Jesus in the gospels, we see him continually learn and change though his experiences with Jesus.


Key verse: Romans 12:2

Key Actions: Note down what you have learnt from Peter's journey, about following Jesus and learning from him, so you can use this to apply to your life too.

Week 3 - You Can't Out Give God


Giving to the church is an essential part of following Jesus.  God can you this money to reach more people with the gospel.  He uses our giving to help us trust in Him to provide what we need.


Key Verse: Malachi 3:10

Key Actions: Discuss with other members of your family and church about giving.  Discuss whether tithing is a good starting point for you, or whether you should give a specific amount.

Week 4 - Saved People Serve People


We believe that every follower of Jesus should have the heart of a servant.  Jesus gave up his power to become human and died on the cross to save us.  He showed the heart of a servant when he washed the disciple's feet. We need to be willing to serve others in our church to show the love of Jesus in our community, no matter what that task may be.


Key Verse: Hebrews 6:10

Key Actions:  Note down the ways you serve others in our church right now.  Pray that God will help you to do all of these things in a way that shows His love.

Our YouVersion bible plan for this series is "I love my church".  Reading 2 parts each week.



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