Love Where You Are - Week 1

November 3, 2017

See your community through God's eyes

Do you do this or do you find yourself being negative about your community?  


Key Verse: 1 Samuel 16:7b - "...The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."



This week in TWO42 youth we discovered that Jesus was looked down upon by others because He came from Nazareth.  People thought nothing important came from there, that it was a worthless town.  Others thought because they knew Jesus' family and their humble background, He couldn't possibly do anything big in His life.  


Check it out in these verses: Mark 6:1-6, John 7:52, John 1:43-51


But God sees things differently, he looks at more important things than appearance, He sees the heart, He sees potential.  Just like he taught Samuel when He told him to anoint David as King.  David was the youngest of his family, he was small and seemed unimportant, but God saw his heart and his potential.  God chose a young man who no one noticed to be King, and he also chose a town no one though much of to be the hometown of the son of God.


Do you see potential in your community?  Do you see the heart of the people or do you only look at outwardly appearance?  God has a deep love and passion for the people in our community and he knows the potential they have when they follow his plan.  We need to look at our community in the same way. Look for what God loves in our community.  When He sees something that is bad, he sees a need that we can meet.




Discuss - What do you think God likes about Runcorn?

Pray - Ask God to help you all to see what He sees Runcorn.  Thank Him for the things you love.

Act - Spend one day this week taking notice of times you are negative about Runcorn and think about how God react when He sees the same.  Discuss this as a family.




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