Youth - The Prophets

November 2, 2015


Throughout September and October, the youth in Two42 have been studying the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament of the bible, from Isaiah through to Malachi.  Many people struggle to get stuck into the Old Testament, and even when they do, it can be tough to read the prophets, with all of the prophesied destruction, punishment and captivity that is spoken about throughout them.  But as we have been studying, these were some of the greatest men in the bible.  They are obedient to God, even though gives huge tasks to them. The following is a breif overview of the 8 week series we have covered.


Obediah, Joel and Jonah teach us about God's judgement, and how we can live in a way that pleases Him.  Jonah especially shows that you can't escape God, but also displays the greatest revival in history.  Jonah begrudgingly delivers God's message to the city, and the entire Kingdom turns to God, worship's Him and asks for forgiveness.  True repentance. Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah teach us another aspect of God;s judgement, that God doesn't have favourites, we all come under His judgement equally.  The people of Israel sometimes acted as if only other nations would be punished by God, but He equally judged His own people when they ignored Him.


Amos, Hosea and Micah all had one thing in common, they were people you wouldn't expect to be chosen as prophets and they show us that God knows each of us better than we can imagine, and can see our potential.  We can all serve Him in mighty ways.


Isaiah was a man of immense faith, a great example of how our relationship with God can help us to trust in Him. Jeremiah and Lamentations teach us that even when we face tough situations, we need to keep trusting in God.  It can feel easy to trust in God when things are good in our lives, but it take strong faith to trust in Him even through hard times.


Ezekiel gives us some of the most exciting imagary that shows us how having a relationship with Jesus brings us to life spiritually.  Daniel has some very well known stories of obedience in being faithful to God.  The people in the book of Daniel honoured God even in the face of death, and their actions led to people realising that God is real and should be worshipped.  Our own actions can help people we know to see the love of God.


This week we are finishing our series by looking at Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi.  We will be learning about how important it is to make room for Jesus in your life, no matter how busy we get or how important other things can seem.



What can you do to help your teens develop what the have learned?


  • Read thorugh this post with your teens, ask them about what they remember from each prophet and theme.

  • Choose Jonah or Daniel and study them together, using PRAY, READ, ASK.

  • Discuss situations throughout the week that have required faithfulness to God.

  • Pray together that your faith can build as you serve God in your dail lives.


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