Youth - Romans Part 1: Unashamed

March 2, 2015

This week in Two42 the youth we began a study of the book of Romans where we will look at 3 key themes found within book.  This week we took the first theme, which is that we shouldn't be ashamed of the gospel.



So what exactly does not being ashamed of the gospel mean?  Although the word gospel is used for the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, they are called that because they contain the revelation of the good news of Jesus.  The news that we are saved through Him.  The book of Romans talks about this point.


The book of Romans was written by Paul, to the church in Rome.  The Church had grown there from Jews who had heard the gospel preached during Pentecost.  But this chhurch still had a lot to learn, and Paul wanted them to be bold when they share their faith with others. Romans 1:16-17 were our key verses, explaining the we should be unashamed of what Jesus did for us, that we are saved, and this good news is for everyone.  The Jews at the time would have struggled with this point, they were God;s people, but now the good news was for everyone.  


Finally we read Romans 4:18-25 and learned how we can't be saved by 'doing good stuff'.  Ultimately no matter how much we mess up, or how much good we do, the only way to be saved is by having faith in Jesus and trusting that He is your saviour, and this is great news, tht even when we mess up, we have a saviour.


How you can support your teens this week:

  • Discuss with them about how they are living out the faith, are they being bold and unashamed of the gospel?

  • They are reading Romans 1-6 this week.  Encourage them in their study and discuss with them what they are learning. 

  • Pray together to build up their faith in Jesus and their boldness.

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