Youth - 3 Series Recap

February 23, 2015

Since September we have covered 3 series in Two42 youth.  It has been exciting to see how individuals understanding of God has increased and we've become more passionate about growing our relationships with God.  This week we recapped everything we have studied and learned together during these 3 series.



1. We are the Church


In we are the church, the youth discuovered how the church is not a building, it is a community centred around God, and a family of brothers and sisters adopted into God's family.  In these ways we love, support and build each other up.  God also gives each of us gifts and talents that make us different, enabling us to add to this family and community in a way that no one else can.


2. Bible 101


Over the course of this series we ran through the entire bible, looking at what it contains, how it is made up, who decided which books would be included in it and how we know we can trust it is accurate.  The mainaim of the series was to deepen our understanding of God's story and the gift it is to us and how it can build our relationship with Him.  


3. Spiritual Habits


Studying the bible, prayer and journaling.  These 3 skills are fantastic habits to develop in our lives. They all encourage and build our relationship with God.  Habits begin with desire and we learned how we should desire to know God and spend time with Him.  We then learned how to effectively study the bible with 3 key steps; PRAY, READ & ASK.  We also discovered that there are 4 key ways God speaks to us through His word; teaching, rebuking, correctig and training.  Prayer, the next spiritual habit, is our way to communicate with God.  We build our friendship with Him by spending time talking to Him.  We can pray in 4 areas; adoration, confession, thanksgiving and intersession.  Finally we began to use journaling.  This helps us to reflect on our time with God.  We can write notes about our bible study, prayers, reflections through the day and more.  



As you can see we have covered a lot of ground already in Two42, all of the youth are doing so well and we are seeing them putting what they are learning into practice.



What you can do for your teens this week:

The youth are doing a bible study on youversion this week called 'identity'. They are putting into practice everything they have learned.  Encourage them in their studying, ask them about the difference series they have covered, and pray with them.


Why not find another study you could work through as a family.  It's a great way to learn together and gives you areas to discuss and chances to disciple your children.  

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