Youth - Spiritual Habits 5: Journaling

February 16, 2015

On Friday at Two42 we finished our 'Spiritual Habits' series by looking at one final spiritual habit; Journaling.



So far we have developed our habits of bible study and prayer, and journaling can help us to bring both of these together, focusing our thoughts and digging deeper into what God is speaking to us about.


Each youth member is being encouraged to begin journaling about various things this week.


The various people who wrote the different books of the bible understood the importance of writing down what God is saying.   David wrote Psalms about his praise, sorrow, anger, thankfulness, confession and more.  We can do the same when we journal. As we talk to God we can be honest about how we are feeling.  We do this with people we are close to, if we talk to God and write down what we are feeling, our relationship with Him will grow stronger.


Last week we talked about keeping a prayer list so we can continually pray for people's needs, this is great to keep in our journal.  We can add to this throughout the day, or we can write down our own reflections as with think about God in different situations.  This keeps our focus on God and develops the 'life of prayer' we discussed last week.


Importantly as we study the bible we should write down what God is saying, and how we should apply that to how we are living.  The bible study this week gives the youth a selection of passages from the bible they can study and write about in their journals.


So youth can use their journals to:

  • write prayers in (honest feelings, praise, confession, needs)

  • keep a prayer list

  • reflect about God through the day

  • make bible study notes

  • express their feelings through drawing


What you can do with your teens this week:

  • Discuss with them how they are using their journals

  • Start one yourself (lead by example)

  • occasionally talk to them about what you have journaled about, build each other up and show how building these spiritual habits are positive for you all as a family.

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