Youth - Spiritual Habits 4: Prayer

February 9, 2015

Prayer is one of the most important spiritual habits we should be building in order to strengthen our relationship with God.  We discussed what it is and how to do it at Two42 this week.



Quite a few of the youth missed Two42 this week so it would be great if you are able to find some time to discuss these points with your teens.


Prayer is our way of being able to talk to God, if we don't do it we won't be able to build our relationship with Him.  Its like if we never spoke to our parents, or one of our friends, we would struggle to say we knew them well, or had a good relationship with them.  We can learn about God through the bible, but prayer allows us to talk to Him personally.


We someimes fall into the trap of only praying when we need help from God in some way.  In fact our main aim with prayer should be to connect with God.  1 Thessalonians 5:17 says 'Pray without ceasing'.  That sounds funny, how could we never stop praying? we need to do other things.  This verse means that we should always have our focus on God.  In everysituation we should ask God for guidance, comfort, help, thanks, it should become our knee-jerk reaction to everything.  Think of the person you are closest to, whenever anything happens in your life, you desperately want to tell them as soon as possible.  That's how we should feel about talking to God.


So how can we develop a habit of prayer? Here are some ideas:


  • Make a prayer list - keep track of all the things you need to pray about.

  • Find a place and time you can pray without distraction.

  • Go on a walk, pray about whatever you see.


And what can you pray about?


  • Adoration - Praise God for who He is

  • Confession - tell God what you have done wrong, He loves to forgive and wipe away guilt and shame.

  • Thanksgiving - Thank God for everything He has done, and everything he gives

  • Intersession - Pray for yours and other people's needs.


Follow the link below to download this week's bible study:





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