Youth - Spiritual Habits 3: Studying the Bible Continued

February 2, 2015

After discovering the how God speaks to us through His word (the bible) in our last session, this week we began to discuss what studying the bible actually does for us if we develop a regular habit of it.  


Four ways God speaks throguh the bible are:


Teaching - Learn about God's law, His promises, His character etc.


Rebuking - Pointing out to us what we are doing wrong in how we live.


Correcting - Showing us how to live differently.


Training - Preparing us to live the way God wants us to.



We discussed how discipline, althought it can seem tough when we go through it, ultimately prepares us for the future.  Disciplining yourself to read the bible allows God to work with us in the ways we have discussed. 


It is vital to always PRAY, READ, then ASK how we can apply what God is saying to how we live each day.



This week with your teens

Continue to encourage your kids to do their bible study that has been given to them. This week's study continues to look at how the bible can teach, rebuke, correct and train us.  Discuss with them what they are learning. 

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