Youth - Spiritual Habits: 2. Studying the bible

January 23, 2015

The first key spiritual habit we are focusing on with the youth is studying the bible. Of course it goes without saying that reading the bible is important to relationship with God. But how many of us know struggle to develop a habit of reading the bible regularly, and effectively?






Part of developing this habit is understanding why the bible builds our relationship with God. If we look at Adam and Eve in Genesis 2, Abraham in Genesis 12 Moses in Genesis 3 or Paul in Acts 9 we clearly see that God had to have more direct contact with people. One major difference between their situation and ours is that we have the bible. None of these people had the full revelation of God’s word that we have the privilege and gift of with the bible today. If we need guidance, understanding or knowledge from God we can go to the bible and seek it out, Adam on the other had needed to have rule set for him and his wife, there were no commandments set in stone, so God had to speak with them directly.


In essence, the bible is a tool for God to connect with us, he speaks to us though it, understanding that can help us to understand the importance of getting to know God through reading it.


Now we know how important it is, we need to build the habit. There are a number of ways people use to do this:


  • Reading slowly / thinking slowly - understand reading a small section of the bible is okay, you can really process what God is saying.


  • Write notes - writing down what God is saying through the passages we read can organise our thoughts, and help us to remember what we learn.


  • Bible reading plans - Reading plans give us a focus and aim to our studying. They could be on a theme like anger, forgiveness etc or a book of the bible. Best of all the show you a small section to focus on each day.

  • Effective bible study needs to follow our 3 steps that we are reinforcing each week at Two42 and they are Pray, Read, Ask.


At home this week with your teens 

The youth were given a 3 day bible study on some of the Psalms of David. Encourage your children to do this over 3 days and discuss with them what they are learning.

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