Youth - Spiritual Habits: Having a relationship with God

January 21, 2015

Spiritual Habits: Week 1 - Having a Relationship with God


On Friday at Two42 Youth, we began a series about developing spiritual habits that will grow our relationships with God.  To start we began to look at how to recognise the strength of your relationship with Him.  


To begin with we talked about the most vital part, and that is desiring the relationship.  If you don't desire to have a relationship with someone, then you won't put any effort into growing that relationship, or the relationship with dissapear completely.  In Psalm 42:1-2 the author expresses his desire for God as a Deer thirsting for water.  We discussed how the more you desire God the more you want to know him and focus on him, like how an animal will search for water until they find it.


To be clear you have a relationship with God if you have accepted Him as your saviour,  whether you spend hours a day with Him, or if you don't currently focus on that.  But we need to recognise that our desire needs to grow, if we want a stronger relationship with God.  


The habits we develop in our lives can grow our desire for God, or distract us from Him and in this series we will be trying to develop positive spiritual habits.



What can you do for your teens this week?


1. Lead by example: Show your family that you are developing habits such as prayer and bible study in your own life.  Invite your kids to join you if they walk into a room and you are praying or reading the bible.


2. Encourage your teens to bible study: Every week the youth will be given a bible study to help develop what they have learned.  This week's is about Daniel and we are thinking about our desire for God in our lives.  Encourage the PRAY, READ, ASK steps for bible study that were developed last week at Two42 Youth.  Ask them if they would like you to do the study as well so you can discuss.


3. Continually pray for your family to grow in their relationship with God.



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