Youth - Final Week of Bible 101!

January 12, 2015

On Friday at Two42 we finished out Bible 101 series that took us on a quick tour through the entire bible, its make-up, where it came from & how we know we can trust it.   In our final week we began to think about how we should actually study it.  We discussed 3 core steps to studying the bible in a way that causes God's word to effect our lives.


1. Pray

We should always ask God to guide us when we study the bible.  That he will help us to understand what He wants to say to us through His word.


2. Read

We should always read the bible 'in context'.  When we choose a section of the bible to read, we should always think about the big picture.  When we think about who wrote the verses we are reading and their purpose, and what is going on in the book overall, we gain a fuller understanding of what God is saying.  


We should also read the verses more than once to take everyinthing in a think it over.


3. Ask

As we read we need to ask ourselves some key questions.  What does the passage mean? What does this mean to me and how I live to follow God?


If something doesn't make sense or we don't understand, we need to ask a parent or a trusted elder in church about it.




What can you do with your Children this week?

Encourage your child to study their bibles this week following the steps 'PRAY, READ, ASK'.  The youth were given a short study to do this week, which we will be discussing at the start of Two42 next week.  The passage we are studying is Matthew 5:1-12.  Maybe allow them to study it on their own, then do the study again together.  Help them to see the value that they should put into spending time with God's word. 

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