Youth - Bible 101 series Week 5

December 12, 2014

Up until Christmas the youth are covering a series called Bible 101.  We started with the basic make up of the bible, followed by how we can trust the bible is true, and are currently learning about the major themes of the books.  


The idea behind this series is to build a basic understanding of where the bible comes from and how to effectively begin to access it.  


Last week we completed our snapshot of the old testement and will be moving onto the new testement this week.

Ideas for developing teaching at home:


ASK what are the main sections of the old testement, and can they remember any of the books that fit into those secions.  Also what as some of the ways we can trust that the bible is true.  Who knows you might even learn something yourself.


Discuss how although many can see God as tyrant in the old testement, He actually displayed a loving father, who never broke His promises and did what any parent should do in showing that there are consequences when you don't listen to Him.  Also we continually see that God is promising to send Jesus throughout the old testement to save us.


Pray with them that the bible continually becomes more real to them, that they can dig deeper and find what God wants to say to them through His word and that they develop a passion for prioritising reading the bible.

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