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Hope Corner Church has partnered with Mubende Pentecostal Church in Mubende, Uganda, in order to bring hope and life to the most disadvantaged children in the Mubende community.   Many families struggle to afford to send their children to school, or even buy adequate food or medical supplies.  For children in this situation they have no hope for a future in their lives and the cycle of poverty will continue in further generations.  Some children have been orphaned by HIV and have no one to tun to.  


Hope & Life Missions aims to change this situation, one child at a time, by sending them to school with the equipment they need, getting them to full health through medical services and ensuring they have enough to eat.  In doing so we want to show these children and their families the love of God practically and that He can work through His people.  All of this can only happen through individuals sponsoring these children.  Could you help to bring Hope & Life to a child in Uganda?

Could you sponser a child?

We have a range of sponsorship options, for many children in families, and for orphans, who are waiting for a sponsor.  Giving each month could completely transform the life of a Ugandan child and their family, giving them educational, medical, pastoral care and more.  Each child is sent to a good local school and has the equipment they need to attend. They will also be linked to a local church who will provide pastoral care and discipleship.  Mubende Pentecostal Church covers adminitstration and will send you updates about your child's progress and you are given the opportunity to write to and recieve letters from your child.  Should you ever visit Uganda, you may even be able visit your sponsored child.     



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To find out more information about Hope & Life Missions educational sponsorship, contact us at Hope Corner using the link at the top of the page and put 'Hope & Life sponsorship' as the subject.


God can use your giving to transform a life.  

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