While caring and developing young people our aim is to identify and respond to young people's needs, working alongside the national occupational standards. We look to involve the community to provide new and exciting experiences and build relationships in a safe environment in order to show the love of God.

What is Xcel?

Xcel is an award winning christian youth program that has been built from the ground up to respond to the needs of young people in Halton. It has been created and is run by young people and aims to get young people involved in order to develop them as young people. Xcel runs in various forms across the week to provide as much opportunity for young people to get involved as possible. Some of these forms include small groups, performing arts and youth club. Xcel is the perfect opportunity for young people at high school age (generally 12-16 years old) to meet new people, build relationships, learn new skills, have new experiences and develop as young people?

When is Xcel on?

Xcel Amplified
Xcel runs in various different forms through the week. Starting the week on Tuesday is the Xcel performing arts club which is called amplified. Here young people can come and learn dance, drama, singing and more while meeting great people and having loads of fun, Amplified takes place on Tuesday's 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

Xcel Life group
Next is the Xcel life group. life groups are a big part of Hope corner community church and run across every age group. Life groups are an opportunity to be a part of a small group in which people can build relationships and learn more about God. They are informal discussions in which people can ask questions and talk about life. Xcel life group takes place on Wednesday's 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Finally is Xcel Friday night. Xcel is where Xcel youth ministry started and is the biggest part of Xcel youth ministry's. Xcel is a youth night where young people can come and be involved in crazy games and other crazy activities while also being involved in the various projects that are Offered. The projects that run on the night run in 4 week intivals and based on certain themes and life skills which are presented in new and creative ways. A few examples of past projects have been, Building relationships, Volunteering and giving.


XCEL - Youth Ministries


As part of Xcel youth ministry's we offer trips and outings on a regular basis which give young people the opportunity to go out and have new and exciting experiences as part of the youth group. Some examples of these have been, water world, crocky trails, laser quest and Drayton manner.
Trips take place at various points throughout the year.

Xcel chill
Xcel chill is our open youth night, which as the name suggests is an opportunity to chill out, meet up with friends and have a fun time in a safe environment. Xcel chill has the only none alcoholic, purpose built youth bar in Halton and is the perfect way to get to know people and have fun.
Xcel chill is currently preparing to be launched and is coming soon.

Xcel Amplified - Tuesday - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Xcel Life group. - Wednesday - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Xcel (main youth night) - Friday - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Xcel chill.- Coming soon

How much does it cost to come?
One of the best things about Xcel is that it is completely free. That means young people can come to Xcel, Xcel Amplified and Xcel life group completly free. Trips and outings costs differ from trip to trip and we always provide the vary lowest cost possible.

Transport from Runcorn old town.
Currently all the Xcel youth nights Run at Hope Corner Clifton road, however a bus service is offered, running from Hope Corner church street and is a service that runs free of charge. The bus pick up time is 6:45pm on every night that is part of the Xcel youth ministry's program (Tuesdays, Wednesday's and Friday's, trips may differ).

Xcel takes place on Fridays 7:00pm - 9:00pm